Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun newspaper story

Just got this from Brian Korte, owner of Brickworkz, a business that does LEGO mosaics....Piece by Piece

A nicely done story. Take a read!

In other things, BrickJournal 5 is heading to the launch pad. A couple of last minute things happened, but things are loooking good now!

And things are progressing with BrickJournal and the LEGO Group. The big challenge is that sheer newness of working as a partner. The LEGO Group isonly startingthis type of relationship, with the first example being HiTechnic selling LEGO compliant sensors for the NXT.

BrickJournal is a lot more complicated. It would be a lot easier for everyone if I was hired by LEGO to do the mag, but it's been understood that what makes the mag so  special is that it is independent from the LEGO Group in voice. I really enjoy the freedom that I have, as I can look at things the LEGO Group may not be able to.

This freedom also allows me to look at things more objectively, as I answer to the following things:

1. Subject matter - what is the article's relevance to the reader? While this seems to be a narrow road, it's actually pretty wide, as almost everything can touch on the hobby.

2. Tone - is this a positive, mature article—you won't see an article that says, "LEGO really sucked on this!" While I want a voice in each article (preferably the writer's:-) ), I also want the voice to be intelligent and the article well-thought out.

3. Is the article's main thrust intelligently written? Another article you won't see is the,"I love this set cuz itz cool!!!" type. BrickJournal is not out to be hip, or cool, or the flavor of the week.

I watch LUGNET and Brickshelf constantly and also am talking with LEGO staff for story ideas, and also expanding to include FIRST LEGO League.

And if every reader learns one thing from an issue, I will have done my job, as I and my staff have learned a lot...and it's only the beginning!

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