Wednesday, October 18, 2006

While we are on advertising....

Having a design background (a degree in Product Design from North Carolina State University, also known as the Design School) doesn't mean that much in the real world, except that there is a certain mystique that is given that also is given to artists.

My design background has served me pretty well, and has led me to doing a few ad campaigns (nothing noteworthy, as I worked on pharmaceautical ads and then newspaper ads) but more importantly, given me an appreciation for clean design.

It shows in BrickJournal with how regimented layout is. But I would like to do stuff like this:

Agency: FCB Johannesburg
Photographer: Gerard Turnely
Director: Brett Morris
Copywriter/Art Director: Lance Vining
Art Director: Charles Foley
Awards: Grand Prix—Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Really nice stuff.

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