Friday, October 20, 2006

Thanks to...

all the writers for this issue of BrickJournal. Also thanks to the many people who contributed photos - I am learning the importance of large pix to crop.

BrickJournal is now 5 issues, over 400 pages of copy, hundreds of photos, and is still growing. Since the first issue, there have been over 300,000 downloads and the magazine has gotten the attention of people outside of the AFOL community and the LEGO Group. It's amazing to see so much happen in so little time.

And it's exciting - the partnership that BrickJournal will have with TLG is groundbreaking, and is already leading to new opportunities for the community to grow.

So thanks need to go out to everyone who has helped out with BrickJournal, from the  beginning staff, to the new writers that have come in since. Thanks also to the LEGO Group for their support.

And thanks also to those people who host the mirrors that keep the BrickJournal PDFs -

Dan Boger (Peeron),
Kevin Loch (Brickshelf),
Rob Hendrix(Brickmodder),
Rene Hoffmeister (LUGNET and 1000steine),
Dan Sabath (Rustyclank),
and Kelly McKiernan(BZPower and LEGOFan).

Darn, even this list is a who's who of the community:-)!

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